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Students are full of energy, but when we talk about classroom they just stuck in one place. It may be because they have sat in a particular position for a long time due to which they become tired. So for that teachers must introduce some physical activities in the classroom so that students take interest in the classroom and at the time of learning.

So in this blog, you will find some energetic activities for the classroom. By this by students take some break in between the learning process. This will help the student to refresh their minds on the further study.

Activities for all level classrooms

“Prrr” and “pukutu”

This game is suitable for small kids. Tell them there are two birds one name is “prrr” and another name is “pukutu”. tell them when you call “prrr” then all students must stand up and move their hands up front and when you call “pukutu” than students do not need to change their body gesture. If any students move their body part, then he/she will be out from the game.


Arrange the students in the form of a circle and say that start saying counting but do not say 4 or a multiple of 4 each time. Instead of 4 students need to say Buzz. Students who say 4 will be eliminated from this game.

such as: 1 - 2 - 3 - Buzz - 5 - 6 - 7 - Buzz - 9 - 10 - 11 - buzz - 13 - buzz - 15 - buzz - 17 - …

Teachers will choose any other alphabet or number instead of it also teachers said that say alphabet but do not use vowels in this games, this is another idea. This game is useful for remembering tables or any other thing like vowels.

Pink Toe

This game is unique and interesting. In this game, teachers say some color along with their body part. Student fined an object with that color in the classroom and then touches it with their own body part. Such as if the teacher says “red nose”, then student find a red object and then touch it with their nose. The teacher will call color and body part and game continue.

Lie to me

In this game, a student tells the real stories in which he/she explain some fact related to their life. Any incident that occurs in the life or anything. Other students need to find out which fact is true and which is not. In this game you will find many crazy things.

Keyword music roulette

For this game students need to make a group of 4 to 5 students in one group. Teachers will make a card with different keyword. One student of each group will pick any card; this group will perform that keyword by giving some expression. Another group will predict what is writing Do My Assignment For Me Australia on that card. The keyword may be any lesson name.

Get in that chair

For this game, teacher arranges chairs in a single line but in the alternative direction. After arranging the chair students stand on a chair. Now teacher starts to say any poem, alphabets any counting and when she stops suddenly students need to sit down. After every round one chair is less as well as one student is eliminated who do not find the chair when teacher stop. In the last, there is one chair and two students, a student who sits will win this game.


Create a group of two to three students. Another group will create puzzles fro that groups and ask the group what letter is filled in that puzzles. Students will create the puzzles on any topic that they learn in class or any previous other.

In this way, students did their revision as well as a game is also played. Teachers also design these puzzles and let the students solve these puzzles.

Likeable Lucie

This is an adult student’s activity in which he/she select and objects that relate its personality or which they describe themselves. Teachers also twist this game that also said use an object or adjective that also start with the first letter of their name.

Don’t answer

For this game students need to stand in the circle. One student questions to other students for example what is your name? What are your hobbies? But the students do not give the right answer. Give any funny answer on the behalf of that question. In this game, the student creates the answer imaginary.

Give a compliment

This is very inspiring game for the students in which students need to write compliments for another student who will sit next to him. This game feels every student better due to their compliments. After that students share with the student, students read their compliments and enjoy the activity.

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